OHR: Week 7, Day 3

This was completed on Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Goes It

Being that I was vacationing in the fabulous city of Scottsdale, I took the opportunity to see the city with this 41 minute run. Three things here: 1) It was great to run on flat land, 2) I learned a lot about running on city streets, and 3) This is definitely the best way to see a new city.

I welcomed the relief of flat land, but of course the trade off is running on the sidewalk. OUCH! I can honestly say, this was the FIRST time since I started running this year that I got shin splits. This did not make me happy and even a few days later today, I still feel the tingle of my shins. Booo for concrete!

Unlike my usual running route which contains zero traffic lights, running in a city means you need to abide by those electronic organizer thingies. Now typically in Los Angeles, you have a good few seconds to start walking when the WALK light comes on. Scottsdale? Oh nooooo. It flashes for less than a second and then it turns into the flashing warning hand. On the way back, I encountered this and since in LA you have 15 seconds of flashing hand to cross, I didn’t think of it as a biggie, so I stepped into the intersection anyway. Well little did I know that about a quarter of the way through this intersection, the crossing street’s light turns GREEN!!!! Thank goodness I took it easy during this run because I easily found the power to SPRINT through the rest of the intersection burning with embarrassment while praying that I didn’t get run over. Note to self: Scottsdale traffic lights are to be taken seriously!!!

I thought it was best discovery ever when I ditched my iPod, but there something even more magical about running in a new city. It might have something to do with how the mind is silent when taking in new sights, so when that happens, you can really hear the new strange birds in the background and appreciate the little things like landscaping and how much more blue the sky is than home. And of course exchanging small smiles of camaraderie with fellow runners as you share this secret discovery! I think this may be a little tradition of mine from now on when I travel. :):):)


41:00 min – 4.31 miles @ 9:31 MM


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