OHR: Week 6, Day 2

This was completed on Thursday, November 27, 2008

How Goes It

Argh, who wants to yank themselves out of cozy bed and insert themselves into the cold, wet briskness out the outdoors for a run? Not me!!! However, it was the combination of the gluttonous weekend to come and all those people freezing their booties off at their own Turkey Trots that motivated me to get out and get busy.

33 Min Run:
Fairly uneventful here. If I remember correctly, I focused on pacing myself to conserve some energy for the upcoming intervals.

1st 10 Min Interval:
I originally planned on taking a two minute walking break after the 33 min run, but I was nowhere near recovered so I had to settle for 3 minutes. This was strange, considering I could have run longer than 33 minutes. I was also really really tired! I could barely make it up a hill (I crawled), and I was never so relieved when I reached the top. I did however reach my second wind (woohoo!) about a couple minutes later. What a rush!

2nd 10 Min Interval:
This time, a two minute walking break was plenty before I started on the next set of 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I felt that second wind disappear as quickly as it appeared as I attempted to power over a small hill. In the middle of the run, I remembered all the reading I did on training your body and mind through exhaustion, and I used that to successfully power through and pick up the pace the last 3 minutes. It’s amazing how much your mind is responsible for that “tired” feeling!

Thoughts While Running

At some point I think I smelled burnt turkey. Someone’s going to be really upset, I thought.

I am a vegetarian but I still love the smell of moist, oven roasted turkey. 🙂


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 33:00 – 3.59 miles @ 9:12 MM
Set 2: 10:00 – 1.09 miles @ 9:11 MM
Set 3: 10:00 – 1.10 miles @ 9:06 MM
Total: 53 min and 5.78 miles

Start to 2.16 mi – 20:00 min @ 9.16 MM
2.16 mi to set 1 end – 10:00 min @ 9:06 MM


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