December 1, 2008


I really plateaued this month. I point my French-manicured finger towards the injuries incurred back in the beginning of the month that sidelined me from running, but to be fair, there were other factors too that kept me from doing as much cardio as before – like boredom!!! With the exception of running, I am bored to tears of Curves and am considering asking HB for a REAL gym membership next year (pretty lights! sparkly machines! yoga! beautiful bodies to motivate me even more!). Until then, I’ll just tearfully make do with bike rides and walks here and there like a spoiled princess brat.

So back to the weight issue, it wasn’t until after I started running again and adjusted my nutritional intake that the scale started to move again, this time by one pound. It doesn’t upset me though – I’m pretty happy where I’m at and I’m more focused on other things at the moment. Besides, I think I look much more cut than last month, so part of the weight I didn’t lose could be a gain in muscle. I’ll take that any day!

Additional Note: I scaled my miles down this month by a lot, so this could be the reason why my weight didn’t go down by much either

Oh oh oh additional note: I’ve become super energetic – borderline hyper! – when I’m around people. Upsurge in confidence? Energy due to exercise? Who knows. But what I do know is that I startled myself when I went out to lunch with a BFF. I run, I jump, I laugh and my energy does not stop. The old laid back me is gone!


Ok – I really tried to do the goodie-without-guilt thing but it is just not for me! When I do indulge, I just need to plan heavy workouts around it and make sure I ALWAYS share it with HB – and if HB says he doesn’t want it, then none for me too.

Meditate 10 minutes a day: Yeeeah this got old fast. To begin with, I already lead a very unstressful life and my runs are like my meditation periods anyway, so I really don’t need to do this. But at least I tried it, right?

Last month I wrote about how I am still chubby in my mind. This is still the case – I need to stop looking in the mirror so much! – but it’s much better now. I start to feel “fat” when my abs aren’t so defined, but it only takes one run to make them appear again. I know, I’m silly!

MILESTONE: I got my engagement ring resized! It wasn’t until a few scary incidents that I had to go in and have it adjusted or lose the most precious material I hold close to my heart. I worried about what I’d do if I gained the weight back, but then finally decided to spring forth and use this moment to commit to my new life of healthy living.


I got really depressed and crazy when I couldn’t run! My moods swung high and low; I’ll admit: I was a pain in the booty. Luckily I healed and I was back on cloud 9 again. Now I know-know how badly I need running in my life!

What’s been working

Publicly announcing ALL of my goals. I used to be pretty secretive about my goals; I wouldn’t announce any online until I’ve already started it. I took a risk by publishing my ultimate running goals and I’m pretty pleased by the pressure I put on myself to complete them! I’m an ambitious person, but it adds the pressure I thrive on to transform dreams to checked-off tasks. :):):)

Reducing my sodium intake. I stopped salting my foods a long time ago, but then eliminated processed food for the most part so that I can gain control of my sodium. I also started asking restaurants to make my food sans salt. It took a few weeks of getting used to taste-wise, but I’m enjoying being bloat-free!

Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. The perfect snack to curb my sweet tooth!

Roasting veggies and baking fish. SO easy, SO tasty and SUPER nutritious!

What’s not been working

Cooked salmon. As nutritious as it is, there’s something about the meat that makes me feel, well, fat. Raw salmon is another story though. I tried other fish since then and now prefer lighter fish like tilapia.

Gourmet cheese. These days, the only place I can eat this stuff are samples from the grocery store. Otherwise, I can’t stop myself from pigging out and I get into massive trouble!

Snooze button. A bad decision made while I’m not quite coherant, but I need to remember that it’s even harder to get out of bed and functioning after pressing snooze.


I thought I’d give this splendid little holiday its own category. We went away for the weekend where I did workout and ate healthy, but it wasn’t until we came back that Sunday that I went berzerk over the champagne which led to making TERRIBLE choices in food. Awful. In anticipation of looking drop dead fabulous on our cruise in mid-December, I pledge to stay away from booze until I get my foot on that ship!

Current Weight: 106-108

Before Pics

I scrounged up some more before pics…

Sept 2006

Sept 2006

November 2006

December 2006

December 2007

November Pics

I just want to cry every time I compare my befores and afters!!!

Are those abs really mine???

Just after a hardcore session of push ups and arm work

I swear running helped me achieve this.

I’m developing leg muscles!

Though it’s not my current weight, it’s the lowest I hit this month.


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