100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 2 #2

This was actually done on Friday, November 28 in the privacy of my hotel room. Yes, the new me is that committed! (big grins)

19-19-22-22-18-18-22-46 = 186

Set 1: So easy, like a warm up
Set 2: Still easy, but my arms feel a bit stiff
Set 3: Harder, but still not hard
Set 4: Arms are burning! 45 seconds is such a big difference from 60 second rests
Set 5: Getting tired all over. I wonder if it has to do with the run I did earlier.
Set 6: Feels easier than set 5 (strange!)
Set 7: Oh boy, this was hard. I was happy to get to 22.
Max: Took breaks at a second or two where I just hung myself up in a in Plank position at 25, 31, 36, and 42, but I did get to 46. Wooohoooo!!!!


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