Run a 5k Race: I DID IT!!!

The days before the race:

  • Other than a light 30 minute run on Friday, I did absolutely NO running and made sure any aerobic activity I did was low impact. I also upped my carbs slightly for maximum glycogen on race day. I know this was only a 5k, but over preparation is how I deal with my unknowns. 🙂

Sat 11/23 PM:

  • High protein and good carbs for dinner
  • Surprisingly even with pre-race jitters, I fall asleep easily.

RACE DAY – Sun Nov. 23, 2008

5:45 am:

  • Thanks to my lovely CAT who does not come with a snooze alarm, I am awake 15 minutes before the alarm.

6 am:

  • Alarm sounds and I literally BOUNCE out of bed! HB snoozed the alarm for himself and I go about getting his coffee and making him breakfast. It was the perfect activity for me to calm my nerves before I imploded from anxiety. For once, I allow myself to comfort my emotions with food, even if it’s a bowl of cereal.

7 am:

  • We leave for the race, which is only about 5 minutes away.
  • My tummy is in knots and I feel like throwing up!!!

7:10 am:

  • We park and when you talk about Fight or Flight, I am in full Flight mode. I start BAWLING my eyes out. Thank goodness HB has skills when it comes to calming me down. I stop crying right when I realize that my eyes will be puffy in the pics. Vanity ALWAYS wins.

7:20 am:

  • Beach at this time of morning = FREEZING and I literally climb and cling onto HB like a koala bear for warmth.
  • I have never been around this many fit looking people in my life. I feel like a martian who’s just touched down at her home planet.

    Starting line

    Finish Line

7:30 am:

  • I brave the cold and take off my jacket for a pic. :):):) (Excuse the no-make up look)

    With HB!

    Me, braving the cold without my jacket (:O

7:35 am:

  • OMG do I have to pee or am I just cold??? (I found out that I was cold and nervous. TMI?)

7:40 am:

  • They call them Olympic stretches, but what they’re really having us do are stupid Mickey Mouse type exercises. I feel even dopier when I start stepping all over myself. I am so uncoordinated!

7:50 am:

  • Line up at the starting line!
  • A couple of people were doing these sprint things at the starting line and the race director told them to stop. I feel intimidated by their fitness. And I am SO SHORT!!
  • HB tries to get me in the front of the line for pics, but I am super shy and put myself in the 3rd-4th row.

8:00 am:

  • There’s the horn… MADNESS!
  • It’s a small race, but I still feel like a buffalo crossing a river with a herd.

Mile 0-1:

  • “PAAAAAAAACE YOURSELF!!!” I say to myself but it’s really hard.
  • My right foot feels constricted from my tight laces but I decide to wait it out (thankfully it loosened itself later).
  • I felt claustrophic behind these girls so I put my mind to my form and started pumping my arms really hard. I slid past them easy and settled down again.

Mile 1-2:

  • Mile 1 split is 7:57 – WHAT!!!!!! I have never broken into the 7 MM area in my entire LIFE!
  • I’m getting really nervous as I feel myself slowing down. I am SO cold.
  • The sight of HB with the camera calms me down immensely
  • To calm my nerves, I look to my right at the ocean. I echo HB’s words to me: “You have nothing to worry about, you’ve done this before.”
  • I am using a girl in white as my pacer and my heart sank when she got further away from me. People are passing me now. Lesson: slow the H down next time
  • I pass a guy laying on the ground on his back, clutching his left leg. I’m grateful that I am not the one on the ground.

    I was right to pick out a pink outfit, right??? LOL

Mile 2-3:

  • I am very relieved to see the mile 2 marker, though it seemed to take forever. My watched showed that I clocked in at 8 minute-ish. A quick calculation means I can finish this thing before 28 minutes!
  • I can’t find my gusto… WHERE IS MY GUSTO!!!
  • Right before mile 3 my pacer went off track and stopped running. I use another pacer – a guy in black and push myself to keep up with him.

    I’m a bit embarrassed by the expression on my face…

    You can kinda see my glutes jump out of my leg. I’ve never had that kind of definition before!

Mile 3-3.1:

  • There is a guy right in front of me…
  • It wasn’t until I saw HB at the finish line that I found my strength and sprinted towards the finish line, BLAZING past the guy in front of me! (I realize now how rude that was – oops) I come in hooting and hollering and went straight in for my hug from the #1 in my life who supported me every step of the way: HB

    Sprinting… Blazing… Watch out dude! He ended up placing 1 second after me – oops on my part. (I kinda like the way my abs look in this pic heehee)

    I’m done!!!

    Is it over already???

Race Notes:

  • They calculated my time at 25:08 and 8:07 pace. Not too far is my net time, which was at 25:05 with a pace of 8:05. This is the fastest I’ve ever run, but I have to account for the fact that I have a rancid amount of hills on my regular route and this was all flat terrain.
  • I placed 3rd in my division and #51 out of 215!
  • All the men in their 70s were faster than me… LMAO!
  • The 2 top male finishers were in their 30s and the two top women were in their 40s – INSPIRING!
  • I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt very special when their photographer took lots of pics of me running. :):):)

Other notes:

  • This race was a true MILESTONE. I now know that running is my sport and fitness takes a real part of my life.
  • I’m debating whether or not to do another 5k in December…
  • It was just FOUR months ago that I could barely walk for 30 minutes, let alone run anywhere!



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