OHR: Week 6, Day 1

How Goes It

Today was supposed to be an EASY 30 minute run but it ended up being 30 minutes of absolute misery.

First of all, I was not interested in getting out of my snuggly warm bed at 6 am. HB snoozed the alarm for himself and I tagged along for the extra zzz’s. What I forgot about is how much more torturous it is to get myself up when the snooze button is involved, so instead of sleepily sliding out of bed as I would have without the snooze button, the forcing myself out of bed action ended up being this sloshing-slithering-uncoordinated move with my eyes still kinda shut and my mind in a serious haze. By the time I stood up straight, I recognized that I wasted 23 minutes on extra supposed zzz’s so I then jumped into my running gear and rushed out of the house without a few sips of tea (caffeine!) or a puff of my inhaler (adrenaline boost!).

Oh – before I get into the run, I just want to also mention how badly I did NOT want to run. Yeah, my mind started playing tricks like imagining a strange pain in my right knee, which mysteriously disappeared when I opened the door – HA! The mind is such a tricky thing and I’m very proud of myself for shushing that devil on my left shoulder.

So yes, the run. Misery. I was just SO tired. Here’s the recap:

Mile 0-1:
I am deeply unhappy and cursing like a sailor in my head, but that is not unusual, since it’s a bunch of a$$hole hills greet me in the beginning of the run.

Mile 1-2
Since the hills are over (for now), I usually pep up at about Mile 1, but today I am STILL tired. I try to go for some gentle pick ups but I kinda forgot about it within a couple of minutes max. I just kept chugging along and exchanged forced smiles and “good morning’s” with dog owners picking up poo. (Obviously we were both faking our enjoyment with our respective activities)

Mile 2-3
At mile 2 I focus my attention towards my form and my legs, telling my trunks to lift up by the thigh and go short strides. That lasted seconds. At about 2.5 I start whining and thinking about quitting. It wasn’t until I saw a bumper sticker reading “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING” that I remembered a quote from a running book I recently finished: “If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right.” That pepped me up real big. I have one last bitchy ass hill that goes up steep after a slow .5 mile incline. I put together my mental power and push through it. I am SO relieved when I get to the top!

Mile 3-Finish
It’s flat again, so I’m happy that I managed to get through the run yet I was VERY happy to finish too. Sure this was a miserable run, but I got the opportunity to teach my body and mind to push when I’m tired. Priceless!

There are at least three reasons why this run was like it was today:

  1. I ran a lot on Sunday and gave myself only 1 day to rest
  2. I forgot to eat something right away after the second run on Sunday
  3. I was without a few sips of caffeine and the adrenaline boost from the inhaler (Not likely)

Regardless, I’m putting it behind me and look forward to Thursday’s run (Thanksgiving woohoo!), which will be a 53 min run (33 min + two 10 min intervals). Call it my own private turkey trot!


30:00 – 3.26 miles @ 9:13 MM

2.15 mi marker: 19:45 @ 9:12 MM

(Okay so when comparing to my previous runs, I wasn’t as slow as I made myself sound. But the experience was hoooooorrible. Blech.)


56° F, Overcast


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