100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 1 #4

36-40-30-24 max: 21/30/35/41

It looks like I haven’t done a push up since last Thursday, but I actually did do some on my own last Friday – or was it Saturday? Hmm. Not important. Regardless, over the weekend, I decided to start the week over again – a good decision that was, because I did worse than the first time I attempted it. * sigh

Set 1: Wow did I just pump out 36? I hope I didn’t mis-count.
Set 2: Slowed down considerably at 35. Starting to sweat and my joints are cracky!
Set 3: Shaking at 30. Mental.
Set 4: I am so sweaty! It took my abs to get through it. 40+? Yeah right!
Max: Collapsed at 21. Got back up and pumped some more until collapse at 30 again. I am mad about my progress (or lack thereof) so I pump out 5 more for 35, then 6 more for the kill.


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