OHR: Week 5, Day 3

How Goes It

Ok – I am utterly ridiculous!!!

I actually did this run on Sunday, after completing my first 5k race. I came home after the event, fussed around, took a nap and woke up climbing the walls. I read something in my Runner’s World Complete Book of Running on how it’s okay to run twice in a day (as long as you keep within the weekly mileage limitations) so long as you have a rest day following, sooooo I decided to go on a run to expel the extra energy and ended up doing the Week 5 Day 3 run.

The temperature warmed up since the race, but it was still chilled enough to make it perfect for running. I left my thoughts drift, but I took great care to pace myself, and by the end of the run, I had TONS of energy left still to burn, which was a good sign.

I have to mention also my recent joy of running sans iPod. I stopped using the music for entertainment purposes a long time ago; instead, I used the songs as timing device to check my pace, mark my improvements, and to tell me when the run is over. Well, using the same old playlist got old pretty quick and felt like a distraction to my thoughts. Now that I have my super duper cute hot pink sports watch, I can use the the timer/stopwatch functions for my runs! Many people use music to help the time go faster; for me, listening to the birds in the trees is what transformed my runs to a magical experience.


38:00 – 4.22 miles at 9:01 MM


60°F, Sunny


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