Run a 5k Race: Equipped and READY!!!!

I got some goodies yesterday for Sunday’s race:

Item #1: New race outfit

Matching hat, jogging bra and shorts – all pink pink PINK!!!!! I asked HB to take pics of me in action, and with this lovely outfit, he can’t miss me even if he tried (in short of wearing a siren on my head). And besides, who says you can’t look cute in a race, huh?

Item #2: New waist pack

My old fanny pack was bulky, uncomfortable and frankly, a pain in the fanny (pun intended). Massively annoying. This is a nice meshed pack that I can shove my necessaries (not a word) i.e. phone, inhaler, iPod, ID, etc. minus hinderance. Speaking of carrying stuff, I ordered a RoadID a bit ago, I’m hoping that will arrive before Sunday.

Item #3: SuperFeet

I took the advice of a very experienced runner to get a pair of SuperFeet. You can never be too careful, and I hear knees are important 😉

Item #4: Watch

Actually I’m getting a cheap one from Target today. To the advice of Bob1623, I will want to calculate my net time. If I happen to find a hot pink one, that will be beyond purrrfection!

Item #5: Quench Gum

Anyone tried this stuff before? My inhaler gives me cotton mouth; I’m hoping this can help allieviate.

Item #5: New Calendar

Not pertinent to the race, but certainly helpful. It’s got tons of good info for a newb like me.

Is it Sunday already???


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