100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 3 #2

20-20-24-24-20-20-22 max: 25

Set 1: Super easy cheesy Parcheesi (I love that game!)
Set 2: Ditto
Set 3: Warmth in the arms and body, similar to how I felt in Set 4 in Tuesday’s session. Feeling a little ill-confident at this point.
Set 4: Arms are burning!
Set 5: Arms burned a little less, but I can “feel” the workout. Elation floods my body and the poor attitude I started with today went out the door. WHOOP WHOOP
Set 6: Since only 20 push ups were needed, I went slower for a better workout.
Set 7: Oooh I can feel it in the chest a bit.
Max: I knew 50 was out of reach, but I talked myself into doing at least a couple more than the max last time (25). What surprised me was that I thought I’d reach 27 only, what a pleasant surprise to blast past that to 31!!!

Notes: I did a upper body few movements beforehand in attempt to alleviate the cracking, which seemed to work. As far as progress, I’m not sure whether or not I want to continue to Week 6… I might do the exhaustion test just to see where I stand and then go from there.


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