OHR: Week 5, Day 2

How Goes It

Brr!!! The run started out so cold today that I made sure I jogged slowly after my initial 5 minute walk just to make sure I was warmed up enough to do today’s run.

I have a weird habit of running full on out in the beginning of my run and puttering off later, so today I focused on going easy until 1.5 miles into the run, when I started to push my pace. My heart beating wildly, I started fantasizing about the shiny new Garmin HRM that I asked HB to reward me with after I complete my first 10k. That is, until I realized I forgot to memorize my 19:06 marker – oops!

The sun started beating down at about mile 2.25 – just in time to tackle a slow half mile climb. Yay! (total sarcasm here) At this point I felt incredibly overdressed as I huffed and puffed my red little face up that hill. Oh the joys of hill running!

Finally in the homestretch of the 32 min run, I gathered up my rocket power and tried my best to blaze to the end and ended up running it at 9:04 MM. Not bad!

In reviewing my numbers, I’m pretty surprised that I completed the 10 minute intervals following the 32 min run at such a fast pace (for me), because I remember feeling dead tired. My legs weren’t to the point of feeling like lead, but they were starting to get pretty heavy. Maybe the pep talking worked? Whatever the case may be, I’m pretty excited at “settling” into 8 MM. Yeah!


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 32:04 – 3.54 miles @ 9:04 MM
Set 2: 10:00 – 1.13 miles @ 8:51 MM
Set 3: 10:00 – 1.14 miles @ 8:47 MM
Total: 54:04 min and 5.81 miles


58°F, Sunny (air quality MUCH improved today)


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