100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 3

20-20-24-24-20-20-22 max: 25

Set 1: My arms felt a bit stiff, but otherwise very easy
Set 2: Felt my body weight in this one, but done with no sweat
Set 3: Getting slightly warm…
Set 4: Getting warmer… Starting to feel the need to focus.
Set 5: Getting harder, mental power needed to get to the 20.
Set 6: Even harder, my neck keeps cracking and the breaks feel short.
Set 7: Arms are burning!
Max: I knew already that I wasn’t going to get to max, but I told myself (in a very stern voice!) that I must get to 25. I’m not sure if I correctly guessed my exhaustion point or it was power of suggestion, but at least it was somewhat of a decent number.


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