Exercise Daily: Day 126

You know you’re a fitness nerd-nut-whathaveyou when you decide to do an easy 2 mile run “just for the heck of it.”

Okay so I skipped Curves this morning– but only thanks to my LOVELY cat who decided to meow incessantly at 5:22 am. Arrrrrrgggghhh! Sadly, cats do not come with snooze buttons. Annoyed, I sent my other cat after the meowing one (benefits of having two furkids) and opted to sleep through the time I was supposed to work out. I think I used that time to dream of cupcakes.

With the temperature at 77 degrees and climbing, I’m SO glad it wasn’t a long run. It took me 18 minutes to complete, which comes up to 9:01 MM – WOAH what??? An easy run for me is at 9:01 MM? That’s crazy! (For me, anyway) It wasn’t that long ago when I was killing myself just to get to 9:01 MM.

Another oddity was running without my iPod, so I had no sense of time whatsoever (I don’t use it for the music, but for timing and marking purposes instead). It was really nice though to hear everything that was going on (birds chirping! cars vrooming! hammers hammering! listening to a woman spill out her private business on her cell phone!) and easier for me to focus on breathing and form. When I start running for distance and get the Garmin HRM, I can imagine myself running without my iPod. Just me, myself and the world… (And the occasional squirrel) Bliss. :):)

To the advice of my new Runner’s World Complete Book of Running, I ran on asphalt instead of sidewalk today. While I’m sure my knees thanked me profusely for it, I was even more pleased at how then far away from dogs it helped me to be. And no more worrying about dirtying my beautiful Asics with dog poo! Now, why didn’t I think of this before? Thanks Runner’s World!


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