100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 2

I skipped my push ups on Wednesday because… well, I didn’t feel like it! I’m so over the program that it was really difficult to get down to it, although I’m really glad that I completed it.

19-19-22-22-18-18-22 max: 36/50

Set 1: Easy. Like nothing!
Set 2: I felt my weight, but still super easy.
Set 3: Arms started warming up and my neck cracked every time I went down. Weird.
Set 4: Not as easy as previous sets, but still super easy.
Set 5: No problemo.
Set 6: Harder, but not “hard”
Set 7: Less easy than Set 6, but Still not as difficult as I’ve had it before. Low burn in my arms.
Max: I smashed into a mental block at 36. I quickly wrote the number down and managed to get out 14 more for a total of 50. Not sure if that was my true exhaustion point, as it was a mental fight all the way. This set made me super sweaty!


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