OHR: Week 4, Day 3

*How Goes It*

Yesterday I asked the people in a SparkPeople running forum I belong to what they think of when they run.  A great majority of the answers covered anything and everything from men to Olympic fantasies to food (me!), however, I did notice that several serious runners (the kind who do a marathon in 3:30 or less – yikes!) mentioned that they meditate and focus on their form.  Initially asked out of curiosity, I sucked the information like a sponge that my running role models spouted and put their info to the test.

It wasn’t easy, but I managed to push aside all the pumpkin cheesecake/vanilla milkshake/oatmeal raisin cookie thoughts out of my head during the majority of the run and instead paid great attention to my breaths while ensuring that my arms stayed loose and at 90 degree angles.

Result?  I paced at 9:10 MM!  Sure it wasn’t my fastest, but the pace felt so leisurely that I seriously thought it was more like 9:42 or something like that.  I was surprised when the 35 min came to a close because I could have run for much longer.  Hmm the intervals I tag on at the end must be responsible for this.

Speaking of intervals, after the run, I shrunk my typical 5 recovery walk to 3 minutes.  I was still tired when it came time to run again, but I somehow managed to run the interval at a _faster_ speed then running the 35 minutes.  _What?!_  (I was so shocked, I had to check RunningAhead multiple times to make sure)

As for the final interval, I finally slowed down, but am happy that it’s still slightly faster that the pace I need to run the upcoming 5k race in under 30 minutes.

In other great news, I was not congested as usual and actually used my towel to wipe off sweat instead of blowing into it.  Umm TMI?

P.S. This was a milestone run for me, as it marks me super duper 100% officially done with the C25k.  * Happy dance

*Thoughts While Running*

Breathe in, teensy pause, breathe out, teensy pause, repeat.

I love dogs, but I find my neighborhood dog owners the most inconsiderate people in the world.  Because of them, I’m now afraid of dogs.  CONTROL YOUR DOGS, PEOPLE!

At one point, I smelled poo for at least a mile.  I was a little obsessed over whether or not I stepped in some for awhile.  (Again – inconsiderate dog owners – argh!)


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 35:00 – 3.82 miles @ 9:10 MM
Set 2: 10:00 – 1.11 miles @ 9:01 MM
Set 3: 10:00 – 1.05 miles @ 9:32 MM

Total: 55:00 min and 5.98 miles

19:06 Marker: : 2.11 miles @ 9:03 MM


58°F, Sunny


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