Exercise Daily: Day 122

Ok, I’m panicking.

I will be on a cruise from Dec. 19 – Jan 1 (yay!) but my OHR training schedule runs into my vacation (gasp boo HISS!). What on earth am I going to do about the program?

The boat claims to have a “running track,” but what it really is is a widely stretched balcony on the third level of the ship with HARDWOOD floors. (Notice I put “running track” in quotes) And really, how many times do I need to circle the boat in order to put in 60 minutes? It’ll be like a swaying merry-go-round!!!

(Although I planned on using the treadmill for hill work, I stubbornly refuse to use it for OHR. Call me treadmill snob, but it just isn’t the same as pounding the pavement/dirt.)

Aside from that letdown, I’m otherwise very excited to use their “state of the art” fitness center (again, notice the quotes!). Free weights, elliptical, yoga classes – I am THERE!

In other very exciting news (at least for me), I am feeling freaking fantastic thanks to another run this a.m. My energy level’s made a comeback, I am slightly less obsessed with junk food and I have the motivation to do things like empty the bathroom trash again. It’s like getting back together with an old flame, minus the part where you remember why you broke up in the first place.


One thought on “Exercise Daily: Day 122

  1. Good luck with the running on the cruise! When I was training for the marathon this Spring, one of my teammates went on a cruise and she did her 10 mile run on the treadmill. Our entire team was so amazed and proud of her!

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