Exercise Daily: Day 121

Walking Into Reality

In celebration of cool, fall weather, I opted to go back to my “fitness” roots and go for an hour walk around my neighborhood. With all the worries of economics and the health of a family member, it just felt like I needed to reconnect with myself through Mother Nature.

I forgot why I started walking for the purpose of walking (versus warm up/cool down) in the first place. It’s the perfect exercise for Active Recovery! I was stretching and gently using muscles in a different way. I walked part of my running route, but since there was no hurry, my eyes caught details I’ve missed, like how my neighbors put up their holiday decorations, housing developments making great strides, gardeners blowing leaves off of their clients’ lawns and a bird that grabbed WAY more nuts than its little beak could comfortably grasp. All the wahile, the sun shone through the clear blue sky and landed on my skin like a warm hug from an old friend. (Note: Vitamin D!)

During my walk, I thought about how physically difficult walking half an hour used to be. That was probably why I cherished the long walks HB and I used to do together on some weekends: aside from sharing with him my misery of physical exertion and loathe towards physical activity, it was time that we spent together AWAY from all forms of distractions aka “electronics.” Walking used to mean something different to me, how did I end up here?

In reflection, I realized that my will to lose weight and live healthy was so great that I surged after it alone with the strength of warrior. Reward strategies work for a lot of people, but it was something that I never needed because 1) I really have everything I need, so materials mean nothing to me, and 2) I found picture of my changing body much more motivating. While the results were great, the process, however, left some things in the dust that actually made me a better and loving person when I fatter.

By the end of my walk, I resolved the following to transform my health “obsession” towards true, healthy living – inside AND outside:

  1. Do more athletic activities WITH HB
  2. Discover other interests – I hear there’s a world out there that doesn’t involve fitness!
  3. Improve my appearance – I focused on my body so much that I forgot about my hair, make up and clothes… I need to dig around for vanity!
  4. Get in touch with my creative side – Umm I stole this from the lovely vex. She has all sorts of goodies on her list that I might * ahem * “borrow”

Ok enough of this wah-wah, let’s talk about much more exciting topics: fitness equipment! (heart beating madly)

RIP: Nike Shox

Coinciding with the close of 4 months of daily workouts is retiring my Nike Shox. I should be sad, in all honestly, I was never too crazy about them. I think I was more excited about the bargain price I got on it and how it’s my first pair of REAL running shoes. Shoes: Thanks for protecting my feet, I hope you enjoy your new life as a track, playground or even a tennis court!

Look at that wear!

New Running Shoes!

I know I said I wasn’t a reward-kind-of gal in a previous paragraph, but I guess if you could consider this my 4 month anniversary to myself: a new pair of running shoes! I realized after my last pair that I hated Nikes. I stumbled upon Asics by accident and loved them; they have a bigger toe box and I feel and my little trial run in the store made me feel invincible (the power of pairing proper shoes to one’s gait!). Tomorrow will be Day 1!

My new babies

New Walking/Biking/Whathaveyou Sneakers

I actually bought these last month. These are the pair of sneakers that I tried on at the store that made me into an Asics girl. They’re actually 1.5 size bigger than my usual size, but they felt right for what I need, so I got them. I got them for cross training, but didn’t realize that I brought home running shoes – oops! Add to the fact that they’re a higher level sneaker than my new running shoes (meaning: more expensive), but I have strange feet, so whatever.

Having a Ball!

Ok one more pic of something I’m VERY excited about:

My new ball – not the cat, although she is the cuddliest little creature and best bed warmer in the world. I am SO excited to give my routine an extra twist with this new beautiful piece of equipment, like crunches!


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