OHR: Week 4, Day 2

I didn’t realize how much I missed running until after today’s session. I also realized that I NEED RUNNING IN MY LIFE!!! Without it, I am lethargic, depressed and not at peace. Any other hard cardio is just not the same.

How Goes It

Being that I took a week off, I tried my best to pace myself but I felt really really REALLY great! In fact, it felt like I had rockets strapped to my sides, so I pushed the pace a little bit and felt awesome.

I really surprised myself when I passed my marker (2:15 miles at 19:06), which is just short of my PR of 2.23 miles. I slowed down to a crawl after that as I tackled a LONG uphill climb, but I was able to find extra stamina from my back pocket after that to complete 3.24 miles in 30 min – OMG! Soooo happy.

It wasn’t easy, but after the 30 min, I successfully fought off the temptation to go for the 13/14 minute intervals. Sure my knees felt great, but I didn’t want to push it. Better to run little now to run forever than run big now and not run forever. So alas, I settled for 10 minute intervals.

I feel AMAZING and am completely confident that I’ve been making a fuss over nothing with my race on Nov. 23.


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 30:03 – 3.24 miles @ 9:17 min/mi
Set 2: 10:00 – 1.11 miles @ 9:01 min/mi
Set 3: 10:00 – 1.09 miles @ 9:11 min/mi
Total: 50:03 min and 5.44 miles


62° F, Sunny


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