100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 1

I did not do the exhaustion test, mainly because I forgot. So when it came time to do the program today, I just assumed that I’d fall into Column 3 anyway, since I was able to do 40 during my fifth set anyway in my last entry. Baaad girl, I know! 😉

36-40-30-24 max: 19

Set 1: Pretty easy 🙂
Set 2: I can’t believe I was able to complete this!
Set 3: I don’t know what I was thinking, but after Set 2 somehow I thought I was supposed to give myself a 45 second break instead of 60. I was still able to complete the 30 non-quality push ups. Got me out of breath.
Set 4: Continuing on with my confusion, I rested for 30 seconds instead of 60 between 3 and 4, hence needing one break in or der to get to the 24.
Max: After Set 4 I saw my error and rested 60 seconds this time. I broke at 19 and was only able to push out 4 more.

So it looks like another repeat of Day 1, but I’m not bothered; I’m interested in seeing how good I do with the appropriate rest times.

Great workout today, my arms feel GREAT!


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