Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 114

My injury is sticking around like an unwanted guest and I’m devastated!

In desperation to keep active, in place of my running days, I’ve been pedaling like a madwoman on an exercise bike to morning trashy tv. It’s my least favorite activity in the world (I do it with the grumpiest look on my face), but if I don’t, then the loose skin that gathers in some areas of my body will fill in, I’m sure.


I miss running!!!


3 thoughts on “Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 114

  1. Injuries can seem devistating when being active and working out is a huge part of your life. I messed up my calf running this summer and am now fighting with a elbow strain. Just remember that at times you’ve got to take a couple steps back to leap forward again.

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