OHR: Week 4, Day 1

The great thing about running 4 days instead of 3 days is that I have room for things that come up, like soreness.

I’ve had this nagging soreness in my right groin muscle area. It complains mainly when I take long strides but very quiet when I run. It didn’t hurt on Saturday at all, so I was able to blast an awesome run that could count for OHR W4D1. The next day, however, the soreness came back while I was doing my warm up walk and I was forced to the sidelines, resulting in a super session on a stationary bike (snooze!).

I hope the soreness goes away (quick!) before my scheduled run tomorrow.

How Goes It

The weather was perfect for running: 60s and overcast with a slight drizzle in the beginning. I felt healthy and had a feeling I was going to do GREAT.

End result? A PR BABY!!!

I ran the fastest ever in a 30 min run! I wasn’t sore and my right knee didn’t bother me, I felt really really good. My lungs felt slightly cloudy however and I took a puff of my inhaler before I started the intervals just in case.

The intervals: nothing to report really, except that my legs were doggone tired after I was done with everything. I really gave it my 100% and I am ready for the race!


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 30:03 – 3.5 miles @ 8:36 min/mi
Set 2: 13:00 – 1.41 miles @ 9:14 min/mi
Set 3: 14:00 – 1.46 miles @ 9:36 min/mi
Total: 57:03 min and 6.37 miles


Low 60s, cloudy


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