100 Push Ups: Week 4 Day 3 #2

Even though I knew this was the last and final time I was going to do any part of Week 4, I felt such disdain towards doing this program that I kept putting it off until the afternoon (I originally planned on doing this in the a.m.). It wasn’t until a slight glimpse at my brand new arms that I sighed in exasperation and plunked down for the push ups. Maybe I’ll love the program again in Week 5. 🙂

29-33-29-29 max:40

Set 1: No sweat.
Set 2: No problems 🙂
Set 3: Got teensy worked up towards the end. The max is looking intimidating.
Set 4: Slowed down at 25-ish where I needed some effrt
Max: 40 – BAM! Also exhaustion point.

Since I’m already hitting 40 in two of my max’s, I might skip the exhaustion test and go right onto Column 3 of Week 5.



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