100 Push Ups: Week 4, Day 1 #7 (the last time booyah)

21-25-21-21 max: 21

Set 1: Didn’t even break a sweat 🙂
Set 2: Got slightly warm, but no problems and no twinges in my arms afterwards. The left side of my chest did get warm though.
Set 3: Getting warmer. Fought the mental fight and won. At this point, not sure about getting to the max.
Set 4: Broke a slight sweat and arms got tired. Pushed to the end no problem.
Max: 32!!!!!!!! Well, with a teensy break at #27, but this is still best I’ve done in for this particular day!

I am so relieved to get this day done and OUT of my life. On to Day 2 for the last time… And for the record, repeating by the week instead of days helped tremendously.



One thought on “100 Push Ups: Week 4, Day 1 #7 (the last time booyah)

  1. how many push ups are u doing a set

    i have found a good way to increase mine were 3 burn outs every morning and about 200 push ups every other day in about 25 minutes the burn out consisted of max set 1 straight out of bed one after brushing teeth and one after shaving and then the needed shower

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