100 Push Ups: Week 4 Day 3

29-33-29-29 max: 40

Set 1: I can NOT believe how easy this was! Not even a twinge/twitch afterwards.
Set 2: Wasn’t so easy, but it was still easy. Still no twinge afterwards.
Set 3: Broke the tiniest bit of sweat. Wasn’t super hard, but at this point 40 seemed impossible. Twinge as I wrote down the results.
Set 4: Done. Maybe 40 is possible. Slight sweat; this set was more mental.
Max: 40. Okay so I kinda sorta cheated… I had one teensy bit rest, but I still got it done and 40 certainly wasn’t my exhaustion point.

Umm I think Day 3 might be a little lopsided, as it was SO much easier than Day 1. I’d love to move on to Week 5, but I think I’ll attempt at this week once more, doing one day each. Should get me pumped and ready to move on!


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