Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 103

My worst nightmare happened on Monday night: a lovely stomach virus!

What does this mean? NO food with flavor, NO exercise (it was hard to exist to begin with, so this was the last thing on my mind), NO nothing except trashy morning tv.

But-but-but my streak!!!!!

Yes, it was broken. Being bedridden for 3 days, however, allowed me to do some thinking about this goal again and at the end I decided that I am going to make one teensy weensy exception to this goal: illness.

So from now on, I will allow overlook only illness in my streak and adjust accordingly.

In other news: My workout while vacationing in Fort Worth was an absolute blast! The treadmill was a snore, but I got to bounce around on the elliptical for a little while and work with some free weights – two things that I do not have in my fitness regimen whatsoever. In addition, working out in a hotel gym all by myself (by the looks of the people in Texas, no one worked out) allowed me to admire my new body all I want, which only motivated me to work harder. Sweat looks so sexy!!!

And lastly, I realized that I’m unhappy over the 100 Push up Plan because all this time I’ve been looking at it wrong. My road to fitness was never about doing 100 push ups or running a marathon or anything like that. I started to LOOK GOOD and FEEL HEALTHY. So here I was boohooing about repeating Week 4 Day 1 for the 987’s time, yet I ignore the definition forming in my arms. Talk about an oversight! (Think: fitness model vs power lifter) So from now, I’ll use the program to further my definition and not get too hung up over performance. What a relief!


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