100 Push Ups: Week 4 Day 2 (Wooohoooo!!!!!)

25-29-25-25 max: 25

Set 1: Pretty easy! I did however develop a head trip when I thought about actually having to do 29 pushups early on. I need to focus on the moment.
Set 2: I actually waited 2 min instead of 90 seconds – oops! Could be why the 29 pushups were easy here too, although I felt a slight twinge as I recorded the results afterwards.
Set 3: Arms trembled as I got into the 20s and I encountered a mental barrier, but I managed to bust through both.
Set 4: I was able to pump them out easily, but I did experience a little vertigo when I got up.
Max: Collapsed right after #25

I’m pretty impressed at how much an extra little 30 seconds’ rest can give you. Before today’s set, I went back and for a few minutes trying to decide if I should repeat Day 1 again, but noticed in my handwritten notes from last session that I’d written in huge block letters: “MOVE ON TO DAY 2!!!” Being that it was a few days and a stomach virus ago, I don’t exactly remember exactly what was going through in my head at that time, but I suspect that I probably predicted so and hence wrote that particular note to my future self.


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