100 Push Ups: Week 4, Day 1 #5 and #6

21-25-21-21 max: 21

Week 4, Day 1 #5
Set 1: Great!
Set 2: A sweaty set, it got hard right at 25 and felt twinges in the arm afterwards
Set 3: I didn’t think I could finish it without a break or two, but somehow I managed to push through consecutively until the end.
Set 4: Had to take one itsy bitsy break at #18
Max: 15

I wonder if doing it at a different time of day (6:30 am versus 2 pm) kept me from making progress?

Week 4, Day 1 #6
Set 1: So easy! I didn’t feel a thing.
Set 2: Felt it in the tiniest bit at #24, but no biggie. Slightest twinge afterwards.
Set 3: Got hard at #20 and felt slight twinge afterwards
Set 4: #21 was at or near exhaustion point.
Max: I didn’t collapse, but I knew that #21 was my dead last

Finally, a little progress! I wonder if it had to do with the extra triceps workouts on Saturday?

I didn’t make the max but I’m moving to Day 2 anyway. Today was near identical to when I did it last Monday, and from that day, I went back in progress, thus deflating my little heart. No mas! So Day 2 here we come. :):):)


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