OHR: Week 2, Day 2; Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 99

How Goes It

Inspired my the headway I’m making, I set out this morning to match the pace from Tuesday’s run.

Maybe it’s I’m not used to running at this time of day, or maybe it was a few degrees warmer than Tuesday’s run, or maybe it was the leg workouts from yesterday, but my legs felt like LEAD at mile 2. I felt like I couldn’t go on!!! I thought about stopping and walking the rest of the way, but I ended up negotiating to stop running at the 30 min marker. Somehow that came and went (I didn’t even notice I was already done with this killer hill that starts at mile 2.5); in fact, when I saw the marker from Tuesday’s run (when I did a personal best), I somehow was able to muster up the energy to run faster towards is! I impressed myself, since at that point I didn’t think I had any more in me.

After the 30 minutes was done, I walked for 5 min and then set out to do the 10 and 12 minute intervals. My legs still felt like lead and it took a hell of a lot of me to finish it, but I pushed because I knew I was going to be happy at the end… And I was right!

Overall it was a great run, even with the whole lead thing, dropping my iPod, using my inhaler during the 5 in walking break and having to adjust my pant legs (I lost so much weight but haven’t gotten around to buying new pants). The sun rise was gorgeous, the temperature was perfect (better than running in the 90 degree weather as projected later in the day!) and I’m feeling pretty skinny-mini.

One Hour Runner: Week 2, Day 2 – SUCCESS!

Thoughts While Running

People voluntarily up at this morning are so awesome! Even if they’re caffeine-induced, their friendliness make my heart smile.


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 30:07 – 3.39 miles @ 8:54 min/mi
Set 2: 10:00 – 1.08 miles @ 9:16 min/mi
Set 3: 12:00 – 1.29 miles @ 9:19 min/mi
Total: 52:07 min and 5.76 miles


62° F, Sunny


One thought on “OHR: Week 2, Day 2; Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 99

  1. hi there! i’m starting the couch to 5k plan this week (week one day 2) and found you by doing a search of the plan.. your site really motivated me. i love how you took pictures of your weight loss and blogged every day. i’d like to blog about it too. maybe it’ll keep me from giving up.. so here’s my question.. whatever you were doing looks like it worked. coincidently I found the 100 pushups site a few days ago and i want to start that too.. what is your daily/weekly routine. i think i saw it on a page on here and then I lost it..

    p.s. thanks for the motivation and keep up the good work.. I’ll be keeping up with your blog but a few weeks behind to keep up with my couch to 5k week plan..

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