Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 97

I had a weird workout yesterday. I’m used to – and usually enjoy – the mood fluctuations that come with exercise, but yesterday was the first time ever that I suddenly felt overwhelmed enough to cry. Yet I had nothing to cry about! Strange.

In other news, I had a profound moment on Sunday. Since it took place in the shower it might be the runner’s high talking, but when I asked myself if I was going to workout every day even next year, for the first time the answer “YES” came to me. That’s a big moment!

I going out for a run in 20 minutes. It will be the first time I’ve ever run in the dark. I’m a bit nauseas from waking up so early in this morning, but I’m hoping I can shake it off. It’s as dark as right right now (5:44 am), but I’m pretty excited to witness the sunrise! Should be an awesome experience.


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