OHR: Week 2, Day 1

How Goes It

Today was the very first day I ever tried to run in the dark, and I did it for the sake of freeing up time during my day to fit in the stuff I want to do. What was I thinking of running at 6 am when it’s pitch black! Luckily a full moon lit my way until the 6:58 am sunrise.

Since it was before even God wakes up, it was just me – no cars, barely anyone was walking their dogs, and certainly no one was working out. Just to make sure, I was extra aware of my surroundings, like suspicious people and kidnapper vans who could steal me away. Other than that, it was quiet and peaceful. It was also pretty fun to turn on outdoor floodlights simply by running past houses.

The layers I put on were deliciously cozy during this brisk morning. I froze during my warm-up walk, but soon I was toasty warm when pounding the pavement. It was a nice change from running in warm temperatures that could overheat me.

And since the temperatures were lower than I am used to, I pushed a little harder during today’s run. I typically run in the low 9 min/mile, but I easily ran 3.4 miles in the first 30 minutes to a delicious pace of 8:52 min/mile, a possible PR! I was afraid of running out of energy at first, but this pace turned out very comfortable. Pretty happy about that.

Thoughts While Running

Watching the sunrise is AMAZING!!!!!

Not many dogs this morning, but the ones that were out were pretty big and showed interest in me – and not “hey let’s play!” vibe either. Scary. Maybe this is the reason why the owners walk them before the world wakes up?


Run Intervals:
Set 1: 30:07 – 3.40 miles @ 8:52 min/mi
Set 2: 10:00 – 1.10 miles @ 9:06 min/mi
Set 3: 12:00 – 1.29 miles @ 9:19 min/mi
Total: 52:07 min and 5.79 miles


60° F Brisk


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