100 Push Ups: Week 4, Day 1 #4

21-25-21-21 max: 21

Set 1: Easy.
Set 2: Hard-ish at the 25th, but I got it done no problem.
Set 3: Hard-ish at 15 (grr) and difficult to finish but was in no danger of stopping before the 21st.
Set 4: Strangely easier than Set #3; 25 might be a max if I tried.
Max: 21!

Big improvement here, but I still have my doubts on the effectiveness of repeating today’s program over and over and… over. Maybe it has something to do with my abilities?

I’m also beginning to dislike this program, but I realize that it’s my own failures that make me feel this way, not the program itself. It’s all about try try again.

(In somewhat unrelated news, it’s making my arms look amazing)


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