C25K: Week 9 Days 2 & 3 – Program DONE!/OHR: Week 1, Days 2 & 3/Workout 120 Days Straight: Days 94 & 95

How Goes It

Day 2: Let me begin by saying it was a beautiful fall day. Cool crisp air and smells of burnt firewood tickled my nose. The cold air, however, was a harsh reminder about how I forgot to use my inhaler before the run, so towards the middle, I tasted something like blood in my throat. I don’t think it’s really blood, but it takes me back to last year when I learned that that was the indication about my asthma acting up. I managed to not only finish my run but tack on an extra two minutes; however, by the time I reached home, I was almost gasping. Good timing. So lesson here is… REMEMBER MY INHALER!!!

Day 3: I get sniffly at mile 1 – does this happen to anyone? I’m glad I brought a towel with me, because boy did I use it. The run was easy cheesy… Nothing to report; I just savored the moments during my last day in this program. YEAH!

Thoughts While Running

People using their phones while “walking” their dogs are so friggin inconsiderate! Not only are they not paying attention to others’ safety around their dog, but they’re not giving their pup their time. It’s sad. And it pisses me off.

I mentioned this before, but boy does this program make you skinny! I finally reached my first goal weight when I ran this on Sunday. Unbelievable.


68° F, Sunny

One Hour Runner: Now that I’m completely done with the Couch to 5k Program, I will be blogging my runs under OHR.  Yeah!


6 thoughts on “C25K: Week 9 Days 2 & 3 – Program DONE!/OHR: Week 1, Days 2 & 3/Workout 120 Days Straight: Days 94 & 95

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you forgot your inhaler.

    Congratulations on your weight loss!

    I was going to do the OHR program but I never got around to it. How do you like it?

  2. Thanks 🙂

    The first few weeks in OHR are 30 minute runs, and being that I’m only in Week 2, it’s pretty boring so far! 😦 To keep me interested, I run a ten and twelve minute interval after it.

    Did you choose another program over OHR?

  3. Heh, yeah. I shocked myself.

    It felt good to be able to say I completed a marathon but I won’t be doing another one for awhile. I really, really would like to be faster so I’m not out there for so long.

    It’s funny how the further you go, the shorter distances are just not as intimidating anymore.

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