Reader Question: Upper Ab Workouts

As always, I appreciate any and all who visit my blog. I hope you know, they totally and completely inspire me to continue my one-way ticket towards being fit and healthy.

Rehaana posted a question in the comment section the other day:

Hey right now you are reading a comment from one of the fitness freak person. Though i have quite a proportionate figure but need to work out on my upper abs, do give some suggestion.

I do only a minimum amount of work to my abs to support my running. The ones I do do involve the upper abs are Bicycle Crunches (do as many as I can in a minute, 3x) and Plank (one minute, 3x). Some other good ones I’ll be adding into the mix are: good old traditional crunches (along with the twisting ones) and eventually will incorporate a stability ball (which, according to this article, “studies show that crunches done on a stability ball are the most effective exercise for the abs.”).

There’s also this site that that suggest 1/4 Crunches, Cross-Knee Crunches and Pull down Crunches.

Can you think of any others upper-ab workouts? Post them here!


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