C25K: Week 9, Day 1 (success!)/OHR: Week 1, Day 1/Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 92

How Goes It

I notice that after a bad run, I get nervous – anxious even! – about the next one. I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic at first, but it turned out okay, even though there were a few challenges:

  1. Different workout time. I’m a creature of habit, so running this during the weekday a.m. instead of the afternoon really did a number on me. On the upside, there were a whole lot less cars zip around and a whole lot less dogs. Not a bad thing!
  2. I was exhausted. I slept pretty well last night but my legs felt like lead in the beginning. I wonder if it has something to do with the calf workouts yesterday?
  3. I ate too soon before my run. Between morning house duties and shipping my man off to work, mornings are hectic. I stuffed two little bran muffins 40 minutes before the run, when I should have been done eating exactly an hour before. Therefore, I felt my breakfast come up a couple of times. Ewwww….
  4. It was pretty hot. Not to mention humid from the coastal fog! I completely forgot about the upcoming Santa Ana winds. It wasn’t 90 degrees this morning, it still wasn’t exactly cool at 72 plus humidity.
  5. Hectic preparation. I have a specific routine I go through to prep my mind for the run and this morning it wasn’t what I’m used to. Hence, I was a bit scatterbrained when I started out.
  6. Stresses. I got interrupted during my run with some real important life-changing news and decisions to make ASAP. Normally running is complementary to hard workouts but… it was information overload, even though I’m glad to hear about it in the middle. It just messed with my focus a bit.

The run (30 min + two 10 min intervals = 50 min total) ended up a success despite these challenges! I’m a bit sad that this program will come to a close, but I’m pretty excited about the One Hour Runner program at the same time.

Thoughts While Running

It would be great – really really great! – if like at mile 2, someone was there to hand me an ice cream on a sweet sugar cone. Not sure why I thought of that but I do know I was craving it about then.


72°F, Sunny

Have I really worked out daily for over three months? Wow.

At this point I can’t imagine not having exercise in my life. It’s no longer so much a streak I’m trying to carry through, but more of… a ritual or a routine. The feeling of pushing my body even though the muscles are tired is… sweet. I enjoy “experimenting” with different workouts and seeing the results afterwards. I love to record every little detail in my fitness diary and looking back on it to compare my progress. It’s hard to believe that just 93 days ago, I was a chunky little couch potato who hated exercise!


2 thoughts on “C25K: Week 9, Day 1 (success!)/OHR: Week 1, Day 1/Workout 120 Days Straight: Day 92

  1. Congratulations on pushing through despite everything you’ve got going on.

    I’m impressed by how many days in a row you’re worked out!

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