C25K: Week 9, Day 1/OHR Week 1, Day 1/Workout 90 Days Straight: DONE!/Workout 120 Days Straight: BEGIN!

How Goes It

Some days I hate running and today is one of those days.

While people around the world are comfortably pounding rubber to pavement in deliciously crisp weather, I have to endure 90 degree weather in the middle of [insert string of words unfit for children, ladies and the elderly here] October here in Los Angeles – and I even live at the beach! Yikes. The heat waves makes me wonder if it has something to do with ozone depletion (global warming). I think I’ll recycle some plastic water bottles just in case.

Needless to say, I could not run effectively, as I was overheating a couple of miles in and had to stop the run at 27:11 and .04 miles short of 3 miles. Gasping for breaths, I hung my head low as I walked home in shame. Grr.

“So then run early in the morning,” you say.

I reply, “Excellent suggestion, if the mercury were not bubbling at that time of day as well!”

Looks like I’ll have to repeat this day on Thursday with an extra make-up run on Sunday.

Thoughts While Running

I had none, for my mind was burning from the friggin heat!


comparable to hell 90°F, Sunny

Well! So much for celebrating my 90th consecutive day of exercise with a super duper awesome workout. Hmph.

Regardless, it’s time to check off “Workout 90 Days Straight” as done and move on to “Workout 120 days straight” WOTWOT


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