C25K: Week 8, Day 3

How Goes It

30:07 min run + 5 min walk break + 10 min run + 5 min walk break

I was really nervous doing making up last Tuesday’s run yesterday, because I already ran yesterday. I think at one point in the beginning my legs felt sore and tired, but after mile #2 everything seemed to pan out and became a more automated process… And in the process, accidently ran FASTER and FARTHER than I intended!

Obviously, I was nervous over nothing. 🙂

It’s so weird to be so comfortable running for 30+ min straight, but it’s more weird to see how skinny running is making my body. I don’t think there is a coincidence with how quickly my weight dropped after I started this program! No wonder super runners are always rail thin.

This week I coincide Week 9 with the One Hour Runner program. I’m super excited!

Thoughts While Running

Fall must be the BEST season ever to run in. Falling leaves, ghosts, goblins and scarecrows hanging out in people’s front lawns and big orange pumpkins – such a festive time of year!

Eating a couple of Fiber One apple and cinnamon muffins 1 hr before the run makes a HUGE difference. Mmmm!


66° F, Sunny, Windy


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