Body Update: October 3, 2008


Not sure if there’s that’s much of a difference than the last time I took pics of my body on Sept. 18, but I am so impressed with how much muscle I’m building on my arms. I used to think that my family cursed me with flabby arms, but a year from now I could beat my very own genes!

It’s easier now to eat healthily. I’ve noticed how more and more I’m looking at food more as a fuel sources rather than pleasure – which might be a huge progress towards my tendency to conduct emotional eating and emotional starving. Before I take a bite I make sure it’s something my body needs; if I’m lacking in a certain nutrient, I’ll choose some other thing that contains what I need instead of what I feel like eating. I never thought eating healthy could truly become a part of me!

It’s easier for me now to resist food and activities that could potentially take me a step back. I can now take myself into “zone” more easily when I really need to be (i.e. running up a large, steep hill). Another interesting thing I find myself developing is the ability to separate my mind’s noise from what my body is truly saying (mind: “I’m so tired! Let’s quit” vs body: “I’m somewhat tired, but I can easily be pushed to do a lot more”).

I also still think I’m chubby. When I shop for clothes I grab the larger sizes I’m used to and don’t trust the smaller sizes to fit me. The upside to that though is I get to do a dance in the dressing room when I can fit in the smaller sizes!

I love looking at my body in the mirror now! Every time I catch my eyes start to gravitate towards areas that “need work,” I snap them back into the parts that are really working great so far. It’s helping my self-image immensely.

What’s been working
Working out and eating well. It took a LONG time to get to this place, but I’m doing it! Fitness is one thing and so is eating healthy, but put the two together and BAM! Watch your body grow into something spectacular.

I’ve also been varying my workout and increasing the intensity of it. I believe this is the reason why I’m sleep well. Finally!

What’s not been working
The stupid scale and the control it has over me. I hate how the numbers pretty much dictated how I felt about myself and the day, even though it’s normal to go up and down every day. I am swearing off daily weigh ins! I’m going to try doing it ONCE a week and on Fridays only. If that still doesn’t work, then I will weigh myself once a month if I have to.

I am still in awe the changes my body’s making upon the eves of working out for 90 days straight. It’s unbelievable. I learned so much about fitness and health with everything I read every day. Yes fitness is important and so is eating well, but put the two together and you get such an amazing powerful combination.

I will never look at a woman and admire her body jealously. Instead, I will appreciate the hard work she’s put into it, because it really is hard work to get an unbelievable body! I feel pretty good about the way I look now, but I can’t wait to see what I look like next year! WOTWOT

Current Weight: 111-112 lbs.
Body Fat: 18%
BMI: 21.9

Right arm

Left arm

Left arm

Right arm

Left arm flexed

Right arm flexed

Bringing sexy back!

Still working on my 6-pack


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