C25K: Week 8, Day 1 (again)

How Goes It

Run 32:16 + 5 min break + Run 10:00 + 3 min break + Run 10:00 min

3.41 miles + 1.02 mies + 1:09 miles = 5.52 miles

I ran for 32:16 minutes straight! I actually didn’t mean to… My playlist was cut short (user error) at 22:51 and desperate to continue on, I replayed the playlist and roughly calculated 28 min. Doing any calculations while experiencing runner’s high, by the way, never works (at least for me), so I outlandishly under-guesstimated it by 4+ minutes. Oops! But I did do it and I’m SO happy! 3.41 miles during that first leg, yeah!

As for the Week 6 Day 2 I added at the end, I wasn’t sure if I could belt out those ten minute intervals – at one point I considered just doing Day 1 but after 5 minutes I said “Why not?” I pushed. And pushed. And can finally say that I did it! Makes up for the downer on Tuesday’s run (or lack thereof), that’s for sure.

Thoughts While Running

Running around dinner time is just as good as running on a weekend morning. Taking in all the delicious smells is like putting a carrot in front of me! I could probably run for miles chasing a casserole dish.


73° F, Sunny


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