C25K: Week 8, Day 1

How Goes It

Ok, all this talk about fall weather arriving on the cusp of October is dog doodoo because it was 90°F. 90 DEGREES!!!!!! At 4 pm!!!!!!!! WTF?!?! Living at the beach also offered no reprieve; if there was the slightest bit of wind (scarcely), it was the kind that blasts your face when you open the oven door at 400°F. Yeeeeeah. (Can you already tell how this entry is going to go?)

Consequently, I had to cut my run short at 24:31 which I am not happy about, but had to stop because symptoms of heatstroke were setting in. I think I got the hint when I started getting confused. Darn summer coming in fashionably late!

After splashing some cold water over my head and walking for a few minutes, I tried running towards the direction of home, but lasted only 3:30. Needless to say, I failed today. Darn summer. (Oh sorry, I said that already)

After checking the heavily inaccurate but handy weather.com, I decided to try running again tomorrow at 9 am, as it’s supposed to be just a “mere” 70°F (eye roll) as opposed to the 74°F predicted later at 4 pm. A jump outside in my skivvies tomorrow morning will help me decide on that… Otherwise I’ll make it up on Sunday.

But for now, I’m not going to sweat it. (pun intended!)

Oh and before I forget, there was one bright side to this, and that is the fact that I’m now running 9 min miles regularly (versus 10). Great news, though fully unintentional!

Thoughts While Running

You know you’re sweating excessively when you consider asking someone who is watering their lawn to splash you with some of that H2O.

At one point, I was screaming in my head “chicken! chicken! chicken!” while running up a hill. I’m not sure where that came from, but it could be connected to heatstroke, as that was the last thing I remembered thinking before being forced to stop.


90° F, Sunny (you don’t even know half of it)


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