C25K: Week 7, Day 3

How Goes It

I think this running thing is mostly mental. It was a breeze on Thursday, but I got this wacky notion in my head during today’s run that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete it, much less the 10 min interval runs I like to tack on it at the end. The hills also seemed bigger, until I decided to lower my head and look just past my feet as I climbed. Doing so suddenly gave me not a burst of power, but more like extra energy to sustain the burn of it. Surprised at this new technique, I continued to use it over and over on every hill/hard area I encountered and realized that doing so kept me in the moment. Cool deal!

I ended up kinda sorta racing a blond girl. I paced her for awhile until the distance closed between us to an uncomfortable point, at which time I went on to the street to let her have the entire sidewalk (new asphalt is softer anyway). What amazed me was that 1) I am actually faster than someone! and 2) That used to be me. All this racing seem to do so much for me, for when I went home and calculated time and distance, it turned out that I ran 8:53 min miles!

And speaking of the 8:53 min miles… Holy cow. How did I increase my speed all of a sudden? I wonder if it has to do with the sprints I’ve been running during the off days… Or the strength training?

My endurance is off the charts for this week. I can’t believe it! After the first big run, my mind was whining about how tired I was, but after putting the mind jibber jabber aside, I knew that I actually had energy left to do more. Wow!

After a 5 min walking break, I pumped out Week 6 Day 2 running intervals. Wasn’t the easiest, but it was at least so that I can see – and taste! – One Hour Runner in the horizon. 🙂

Thoughts While Running

Pancakes, waffles, coffee, toast, eggs… Running on weekend mornings means catching wisps of fragrant breakfasts floating out of the windows of different houses. Mmm!


63° F, Overcast


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