100 Push Ups: Week 3, Day 2 & 3

Day 2

20-25-15-15 max: 17 (I forgot to post Day 2!)

Today was definitely harder than Day 1, even with the longer break in between. I couldn’t even dream of making it past the suggested 25 in Set 5!

Day 3

22-30-20-20 max:13

Uggg. This is where my confidence in the program falters. Set 1 was kinda hard, Set 2 was a HUGE struggle, and I could barely make Set 3 and 4 happen without a 1-2 second break in between a few push ups towards the end.

I’m torn between starting Week 4 or doing this week again, as today was the only day I truly struggled. Looking ahead, Day 1 requires 21-25-21-21… Hmm! (Suggestions welcome)


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