C25K: Week 7, Day 2

How Goes It

I congratulate myself not because I was able to easily manage another 25 in straight run (or rather the 27:40 again because of my iPod playlist), but because I did it while carrying a 17 fl oz bottled water on my back! The small bit of weight was annoying, but somehow I got over it because I also managed to run faster (9 min/mile, according to my calculations). Of course, I have to credit the last part to this guy I saw also running and I kinda raced with. Good practice for a future 5k, yes?

It’s also amazing to me that I felt like I could run even more after the 27:40, but I didn’t. Instead, I took a 5 min walking break and polished the run off by repeating Week 6 Day 2 runs, for a total of 47:40 minutes ran.

I find it interesting that I suddenly can do these runs easily. I wonder if it has to do with active recovery program I do between running days instead of full-blown cardio?

Thoughts While Running

The weather here in LA is still pretty hot (and getting hotter). I can’t wait to run during cooler weather…

I can’t believe how scared and frustrated I used to be with all the hills. They’re like nothing but bumps in the road to me now!

Daylight savings time is coming up. Run at night? I don’t think so. I may need to change my running time.


72° F, Sunny


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