Workout 90 Days Straight: Day 76

Still on top of it! 2 more weeks til the big 9-0.

After the second month, my body made drastic changes; it was something I couldn’t stop. Internally, I feel much more energetic and I’m sleeping so much better. Externally, I burned off so much fat that my muscles are making an appearance again (welcome back!), so I incorporated some strength training to further define my muscles. Most of my clothes are pretty big now, even the stuff I couldn’t fit into before are swimming on me. I can barely recognize myself in the mirror – “Who is that lean chick?” I’d ask.

Providing daily exercise is probably the best gift I could ever give to me. I hope I never stop!



119 lbs.

117 lbs.

114 lbs – side view with arm flex

114 lbs – My new six-pack!

114 lbs – Growing muscles on my back

My current weight is around 112 lbs… More pictures soon…


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