C25K: Week 7, Day 1

How Goes It

Since this is a 25 min straight run, I decided to go with my own music versus the podcast. I couldn’t match my music up to exactly 25 minutes, but I was definitely very proud of myself for completing the 27:40 it took to do my entire playlist!

After completing that, I took a 5 minute walking break and repeated Week 6 Day 2 for a total run of 47:40. I initially planned on doing Week 6 Day 1, but it felt so good after five minutes that I decided to go for the full ten.

I am, however, paying for the consequences of pushing out a big run yesterday because my calves are in PAIN today! I’m not too bothered by it though, I shall wear it like a badge of honor. 🙂

Thoughts While Running

I saw the cutest little Beagle EVER. If I wasn’t in the process of completing the very last ten minutes of the run, I would have snaked that cute little smiling dude.


70° F, Sunny


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