C25K: Week 6, Day 1

How Goes It

5-8-5, 5 minute break, 5-8-5

After breezing through the 20 minute run last week, I knew today wouldn’t be a problem, although the first 5 minutes felt like… forever. The first 5 minutes were also tough, thanks to my super-duper-ultra-kick-butt workout yesterday. When will I learn!!! * sigh

Last year, my progress in the C25k plan came to a screeching halt at Week 7, with credit due to a (silly) traumatizing incident. There’s this hill I’ve “fondly” named The Punisher towards the middle of my daily 6-miler, but if you’re running the 5k, it’s towards the end. So imagine yourself happy to pass your 20 minute mark. You’re not tired-tired, but you did put in a bit of work to get to where you are. Suddenly, you realize that the next ohhh 1/2 mile maybe(?) is a slow incline and at the top is a sharp, steep hill. It’s a heart pounder/calf burner and last year I just about threw up on the side from attempting it.

So that was a year ago and after going up it every day for over two months, I was hoping I’d reprogram my mind from that little drama. Unfortunately I still think about it whenever I pass it. But here’s my thought process: I’m fitter today and much stronger mentally today than I was last year. The only way to rewrite how I feel about that hill is to get over it (no pun intended!) and so that’s what I’ll have to do – in fact, that’s what I’m going to do. Mark my words!

Ok, enough of the whiiiiining. On to more important things!

Like the music this week. For once I didn’t feel like I should be waving glowsticks and there were no mentions of an operator. (Can I get a “Wot Wot!”) If anything, it was calm and soothing and not very fast – exactly what I needed this week. You know what they say: slow and steady wins the race!

Thoughts While Running

I love dogs and for the most part, dogs love me. Golden Retrievers smile at me. Shitzus don’t bare their teeth and growl. Mutts of all kind really don’t give a care that I’m running by them.

But chihuahuas? I will testify I “tried” to love – even like! – that breed but they HATE me. I can think of one upside though: when I come across on during my run, they do motivate me to get my butt in gear and run faster.

Running with killer chihuahuas or no running no nothing? I’ll take running with those annoying little ankle-biters “dogs”.

Note: No offense to those who own chihuahuas, but I am not kidding here. Bring me around your chihuahuas (not that you want to) and I promise I can transform your cute little furkid to the killing kind (think: Cujo!), just by my mere existence. I wouldn’t call this a “talent” but I myself am mystified/impressed with this innate ability.


72° F, Sunny, Humid


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