Workout 90 Days Straight: Day 68

Today’s workout would make it Day 68. Seems like just yesterday I started my very first workout… sigh

Observations at this point:

  1. Food matters. No matter what it is that I eat or don’t eat, I feel it in my workouts. It jolts an entirely new respect for my body and its rocket-science-like functions and processes.
    Solution: Keep up with my meal plan as much as possible.
  2. Everything moves at lightening speed. Weight loss, visual results, plateaus, physical progress, etc.
    Solution: I no longer can just worry about today, I have to constantly think up and plan for tomorrow, next week and next month. It’s okay though because it’s pretty fun and it’s just another way that shows my hard work paying off… It’s also all about mini-goals!
  3. Frequent change-ups required. I’m hitting plateaus about every couple of weeks.
    Solution: Explore and add other types of workouts on a regular basis. Great news: because I’m now more fit than before (or maybe ever!), it opens up a whole world of workouts I can do AND enjoy because of my increasing skill ability.
  4. Stretching is critical. Doing so after each workout every day helps my performance the next day. If I don’t stretch, my muscles bitch and complain like you would NOT believe.
    Solution: I found a 6-10 minute stretching routines that covers the entire body. I have a pretty big bathroom and it’s now routine for me to do a 10-minute stretching session in there while a running shower heats up the room to a comfortable, muscle-relaxing temperature.
  5. Motivation is no longer an issue. Thanks to routine and the huge progress I’m making, I’m as psyched to workout as Month 1. That being said, Month 2 was hard.
    Solution: Continue reading other people’s progress and look at my fat pics as often as possible lol
  6. My learning curve is vertical. In addition to genuine interest, I feel the need to read on a daily basis anything and everything on nutrition and fitness to perform at my optimum level and to protect myself from injury. Some would call it “obsessive,” but I prefer the term “enthusiastic.”
    Solution: Printing articles from SparkPeople and putting them in a folder for easy perusing when I need a reminder about certain issues and instructions.


  1. Finish Couch to 5K plan.
    (ETA: Oct. 4)
  2. Move workout time to mornings.
    (ETA: Oct. 6)
    Morning workouts render me useless for the rest of the day, but thanks to Daylight Savings Time, my elongated workout times will have me outside at night… Not cool! So (at least for now), mornings at 10-ish it will be.
  3. Freeway to 10K or One Hour Runner Training. (In second link, scroll to bottom)
    (ETA start date: Oct 7)
    Not sure which one I want to pursue yet.
  4. Seek new running routes.
    (ETA: Within the next couple of weeks)
    Living in a cute little pocket of a neighborhood is great and all, but I’m running out of road (I already repeat some paths twice in one session). Going to scout out new neighborhood via car and map on
  5. Finish “100 Pushup Plan.”
    (ETA: Oct. 31)
    Hey, if Kelly Ripa can belt out 200+ push ups, then I can do half that!
  6. Convert garage into gym.
    (ETA: Jan. 1)

    Elliptical machine, resistance bands, workout bench, medicine ball, etc. This is a little scary because it can collect dust if I break my commitment to fitness, not to mention a very upset fiance, who will be financing this project. cringe

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