Do the Couch to 5k running plan

How Goes It

In one two words: completely awesome. The only trouble I experienced was the first 8 minutes but more in how it felt like FOREVER rather than the physical part of it. Other than that, two 8-min runs were a piece of cake! Even when I did the program again right after it felt superb.

At this point: Can I push a 10 minute run? No problem. Anything more than 12? Hmm…

Trick to the 20 minute may be pace pace pace?

Speaking of the big 2-0, I’ve been successful in doing this program twice per session, but I’m not sure if I can do two 20 minute-ers back to back! I may do the 20 minute the then two 8 minute runs. Something to think about.

Thoughts While Running

Is it shameful to admit that I imagined people clapping for lil ol’ me when they were actually clapping at doggie tricks at the local dog park?

School in session = crazy moms in SUVs on the road. Yikes!

Winds rock!


68° F, Sunny then Overcast, Windy


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