C25K: Week 5, Day 1

How Goes It

Before I start this entry, I just wanted to say that I raced an ice cream truck. Yes, you read right. During one the 3-minute walks I found myself power-walk-racing it while it was blaring Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Kind of weird with a little bit of creepy mixed into it too. I was never so happy when it came time to run again.

The 5-5-5 went… GREAT! This is probably my most favorite run yet. It just felt so easy, almost like the past few runs were training ground for this run. I did the program twice with ease and as a result, I felt like not only do I know I can do the 8 minute runs on Thursday but the 20 minute one should be achievable too!

Progress is sexy.

Thoughts While Running

What is up with that candy raver music?? I felt like I was missing glow sticks and fuzzy pants.

Even though I drank a ton of water over a period of time before the run, I felt way dehydrated! Taking microscopic sips out of my water bottle (like a lick rather than a sip) helped moisten my throat without the side stitches.

I’m psyched for Day 2, bring it on!


Sunny with 73% humidity, 71° F


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