Exercise Every Day: Day 60!!!


60 consecutive days of working out. This means time to check this baby off as done! So exciting. 🙂

The unconventional things I discovered about working out every day:

  1. It’s not exactly earth friendly. More showers and a ton more laundry. Save water? Right. I’m expecting our water bill to go up because of my new “healthy” habit.
  2. Good hair day? What good hair day?! If I was more vain/not lazy, I would wash, blow dry and then iron my hair every day, but I’m not! These days my hair is up in a pony tail most of the time, which sets a nice crimp. Sweet.
  3. I have the best farmer’s tan EVER. ‘Nuff said.
  4. I’ll be funding Coppertone’s Christmas party. Never in my life have I ever run out of sunblock until now…
  5. The mind is one sneaky SOB. Duct taping my mind’s mouth was tough, but once I shoved it into the backseat, I realized that was half the battle. I cannot believe how convincing it is.
  6. My body and I are BFFs. After quieting my mind, it was pretty easy to get to know my body. The body is an amazing functioning machine! Working out every day means I learning how different foods – and when i eat them – affects my performance. For example, I don’t each much carbs to begin with (it puts me to sleep and I quit coffee!), but I found out that eating one serving of whole-grain pasta with marinara sauce before I go running contributes a lot to my stamina. It’s great to actually be able to use carbs exactly what it’s for instead of pleasure.
  7. My life revolves around workouts. I realized this when I started hunting down Marriott Hotels (they have fitness centers) to stay in for our Europe trip at the end of this year. Because exercise is such a priority, I’m pretty stubborn as to what I will/won’t do based on my workout time. (It’s borderline OCD!) I’m lucky to have a fiance who supports me in this, but I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had s super active social life.
  8. Add another item to Expenses. Sunblock, water, outfits, sneakers, hat, detergent etc. Don’t let this deter you though. Working out everyday helped me understand this as more of an investment, as in health. After all, If we buy clothes for work, why not to work out too?
  9. Dopamine rocks! Runner’s high is the BEST ever. I’d bottle that sh!t up if I could.
  10. Every day I workout means it’s a great day. 60 straight days of workouts equates to 60 straight days of euphoria. What better reason – aside from health – is there to work out? Get up and go!

What now?

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue this, but that’s just my attempt at staying in the present. It’s so much easier when I break things up into “todays” and put off tomorrow until tomorrow, you know? I’ll blog about this less frequently but probably still regularly, like once a week or every two weeks for major changes in my workout plan or when I make major progress. It’s pretty fun keeping track of consecutive days!


2 thoughts on “Exercise Every Day: Day 60!!!

  1. congratulations on your success. its great that you set your goal and stuck to it. you will now find however that you will not want to let your BFF down and that you will feel completely guilty or have a sudden urge that something is missing in your day if you dont workout! Keep FIT (Faith In Transition) as you journey into the new you. As you continue with your new lifestyle you will find there’s more of you that you need to get to know. Get ready for the introduction to her!


  2. Thanks so much for your encouraging words, it really really made my day (and my workout). 🙂

    I looked at your page and man: if anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s you ladies! So impressive and a total inspiration for me.

    Good luck with your new business. 😀

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