C25K: Week 4 Day 2 & 3

How Goes It

Day 2 on Thursday went BAD BAD BAD. The first 3-5-3-5 runs were nothing spectacular, but trying it again that same day was just horrible! My chest felt like it seized itself and my sides cramped big time. I basically concentrated on breathing through the diaphragm and crawled like a tortoise until they went away so I could continue on. (I was quite the sight!) I couldn’t tell you how RELIEVED I was to finish it (you woulda thought I won the jackpot!), but the kicker was that I completed by entire 6 miler one minutes LESS than Tuesday (Day 1). (play twilight zone music here)

Day 3 (today) was hard but nothing like the perfect little disaster that I was on Day 2. First of all, I woke up EXHAUSTED (I have sleeping problems) and slithering my sleepy body out of bed was quite the feat. A quick bowl of Fiber One (adult cereal, yeah!) helped fuel my run but I could tell by where I was stopping/starting the jog/walk that I was dragging booty. I ended up finishing two rounds of the program one minute longer than Day 2 (ugg!).

Interesting: I sweat so much today that the teensy little bugs that got stuck on my arm DROWNED in my sweat. Ewwww.

Thoughts While Running

Longest 5 minutes EVER. How the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I going to get through 8 minutes next week?

Lots of dog poo today. I worked on my slalom skills to avoid de-prettying my already-dirty-sneakers.

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)

Day 2: Sunny & Humid 72°F
Day 3: Overcast then sunny and humid 70°F


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